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Learn To Fly 2

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Learn To Fly 2Learn To Fly 2 is the most awesome game about penguins I have ever played. In fact, most people love penguins because they are so funny and cute. Did you know that the penguins are birds that can't fly ? We have to fix this. In Learn To Fly 2 your primary mission is to help the penguin to make them fly high in the sky. The game has very colorful and interesting into video. We see a penguin in the hospital that is scrolling the websites. He founds a silly post about penguins who are unable to fly and decides to prove the world that this is not truth. As our penguin is very smart, he starts researching the subject to find out how to fly. Your primary mission is to help him in those research and buy special tools and ammo.

In Learn To Fly 2 you get money every time you give a try to fly. Depending on the length and the height of your flight, you are given golden coins. You can use them to buy special upgrades for your penguin. There are 4 major categories of the upgrades : Sleight shop, Glider shop, Boost shop and Payload shop. If you enter those shops, you will discover a lot of different upgrades to make the flight more smooth and distant. I am sure you will spend a lot of time upgrading all those items, but it's worth it.

Also keep in mind that Learn To Fly offers you several game modes : Story Mode, Classic Mode and Arcade mode, but you have to complete the story mode first, to unlock the others. Remember that your gaming process is saved on our website. If you want to continue playing it later just bookmark our website and enjoy all version of the Learn To Fly games for free.